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  1. its a mind blowing, speechless

  2. I really agree with all of you. How can he write such words ? Is he senseless ? Man or Wild dog

  3. jis nay bi likha hai Allah ap ko hadyat day……….aur jo us pay comment kar rahay hain is andaz main un ko b ameeen

  4. Nargis is not a philospher, but a mental patient.


  6. yar app logo ko asa nhi karna chiya yah log to chata hain ka sab islam ka mazaq urata rahi muger hum sab ko is ka liya qadam uthna hoga

  7. Nargis if its happens with ur sister or ur daughter what u ll ask them ?? how was the expirience ?? or have u enjoyed sex? just chill out respect ur dignity

  8. Really bad thought by NARGIS

    1. We all r paying much attention 2 this nonsence, ultimately inspiring him / her to put forward more trash like this……………..

      Ignore such bullshit thoughts & if u all ever get this bugger – KICK his / her big smelly ass.

  9. it is really sad that nargis had write such a line. i am surprises coz rape is a crime and a big sin. it is not acceptable in the society. those who have weak character they do all these things.

  10. philosopher NARGIS
    do u like surprises ?
    because ..i have one for you …..u'll love it
    i gurrantie :D ;)

  11. this u can tell after i rape u

  12. no comment for this stuppid talk

  13. jisne bhi ye sms banaya hai usse sharam aani chahiye.
    tum jaise log hi aurat jaat ko badnam karte hai.
    ye sab likne se pehle ye to soch lena tha ki tumne bhi kisi aurat ke pet se janam liya hai.

  14. nargis don`t say again this word
    plz plz plz plz

  15. What is this gentlemen ?
    Using such vulgar is making u equivalent
    to Nargis.
    Why don't u think that may be Nargis tried to
    make a fun ?

  16. surprise dene ka hai lene ka nahi

  17. You are no less than Nargis..!!

  18. Hey dnt think it your way..u nuts..

  19. hi Nargis
    we wish to give surprise to u family ladies…
    hope this will b surprise to u

  20. Yes I agree with Nagris,, Rape is a surprise sex..

  21. may it be a surprise to some ladies whose sexual feelings are suppressed…..generally it is not so .sex is devine…it gives bliss when one can enjoy it peacefully.

  22. sahi keh rahi ho yaar… tumhare vichaar kitne acche hain…. mujhe bohot accha laga ke aaj ke time mein bhi itni pyaari ladkiyaan hoti hain..

  23. Never make such fun which may heart the sentiments of people.
    Anyway sometimes some people realize it late.

  24. kisi ki bhaddi mazak hai ye aur kuch nahi..nargis aisa nahi soch sakti..kyunki wo khud ek aurat hai.

  25. Dear respected brothers and sisters Nargis given her idea and view, abusing is not good for noble and gentle persons,
    you all just give your idea,may be her iidea is not good but you try to askquestion and convence her.instead off giving her bad words.

  26. What kind of a person this Nargis is and what kind of people are u all using such filthy abusive language. It is a shame on humanity and the right to free speech that I come across this forum. Shame on all of u who use abusive language and misuse the internet. If anyone can give where about of this sick person Nargis I would like to initiate legal proceedings against him/her. This person has to see a psychiatrist and get help

  27. Hi!, I like u because u deeply undertand boys mind. I like your thought. I want to give surprise for u. Can u agree

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