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Sharing a great love

Sharing a great love
Side by side
We live and grow
Forever in love
This i know
No other two
Were meant to be
More in love
Than u and me
Yes,side by side
Forever we will stand
Sharing a great love
Together hand in hand..


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  1. Love is great if u find ur soul mate

  2. love……………ummmmmmmmmmmm love is nothin….love is always hurts u……….so plzzzzzzz be careful ok………||

  3. Love is a ocean
    PPl really never get into it completeltly ,they never surrender them
    Some watch it shore and say its nothning and some wets their legs and says its dangerrous coz donno whats inside ,wil there be a shark whcih eat us???
    some swims on shore and says its fine only for a time being
    But some live with it as fishermen,
    They enjoy it and they are fed by it,
    even knowing they might be lost in ocean someday or they will live for ever and enjoy its marvelous nature,
    SO unless until u live with it ,u never feel
    so live ,let be taken and Enjoy it’
    Love is wonderfull with pains and happiness.

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