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If any beautiful girl call u DOG

If any beautiful girl call u DOG,
then u dont be upset bcoz full form of DOG is..?
So next time dont upset..!


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  1. its a nice n really roking answere

  2. Its really rocking answer to shut the girls mouths

  3. it’s really very nice

  4. Full Form what ever it may be but DOG meaning is same a dog. so please reply as dogi female dog that is good enough.

  5. if any beautiful girl calls me DOG,i will kick him out..its stupid to accept any abuse from even The most beautiful should have dignity..the joke is really in bad may satisfy those who r really dog like habits

  6. ohh sorry i will kick her out not kick him out..hahahaha

  7. hello
    my friends well i like to say that “Every Dog has its Day”….ok

  8. shinging dog not barking on the girls

  9. but after all dogs r dogs……..
    they never can b demandable…………

  10. DOG if after all DOG, how anybody can accept it…Strange People..who accept it.

  11. DOG is after all DOG, how anybody can accept it…Strange People..who accept it.

  12. if she calls u DOG,then simply tell her tht she is nt better than a bitch…..bcoz they both have the same source of enjoyment…..hahahahahahaha

  13. guys …. i would take it as a insult & in return i would call her as a bitch because all bitches require a DOG. Without them they cannot survive… hahahah

  14. yeahhhhhhh…. nice answer……..
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  15. th guys who have respect 4 themselves wil nt bear ths at all every person boy or girl should give respect nd take respect

  16. y dont u change DOG as
    D- Dignity
    O- Of
    G- GOOD

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