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Why did u shoot ur wife ?

Judge:why did u shoot ur wife
instead of shootingher lover?

Sardar:Your honour,
it’s easier to shoot a woman once,
than shooting one man every week.


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  1. very inteligent sardar, good one i like that

  2. Gud sardar jeee keep it up

  3. kuchh samazme bat ayi?

  4. hard to find such wise sardar

  5. sardar ji turns detective

  6. sardar jee tusi gre8 ho

  7. sradar ji realised

  8. hahah really such a wonderful thoughts of sardar g!

  9. sardar jee tusi funny hoo

  10. may it was after 12:00pm b’coz after that time no one can control sardar gees

  11. oh pape tussi great ho

  12. yeh phelay sardar hay jis nay paray sardaron ka naam roshan kiya

  13. Who says sardars have no brains?

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