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What is BUSINESS ?

What is BUSINESS ?

Dad: I want u 2 marry a girl of my choice.
Son: No
Dad: The girl is Bill Gate’s daughter.
Son: then Ok.

Dad goes o Bill Gates.
Dad: I want your daughter to marry my son.
Bill Gates: No
Dad: My son is the CEO of the World Bank.
Bill Gates: Than ok

Dad goes 2 the President of the World Bank.
Dad:Appoint my son as the CEO of your bank.
Dad:He is the son-in-law of Bill Gates.
President: Then OK

That’s business…!!


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  1. What a business , I like this business , keep up the business

  2. i love business like this

  3. my god………

  4. dis is d business in whch no loss is der
    dat is excellent

  5. born with buisnesssmanship

    bada hoke yehi kariyo matrimonial …keep it up

  6. Excellent business.WOW

  7. excellent business………..hahah

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