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Lovers sitting in a park

Lovers sitting in a park,
boy tries to kiss the girl..
Girl says No dear not all this before marriage..
Boy: Don’t worry darling “I am already married”.:p


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  2. phattu joke”

  3. such main bhuat old hai yeh maza nhai ahya

  4. very funny….

  5. sO olDDD bUdDy ,,tRy ,,SuM nEW !!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Last time i was applying i this site and you suspended me on

  7. panchalne pan maza na avi etlo juno tuchko chhe

  8. very funny but toooooooo old……………..

  9. very funny but tooooooo old

  10. pagal hai kyatu

  11. aboy sitting in a clup asking his gf ,can we take a rest in a hotal, gf told it finsh before with some one

  12. oldddddddddddd
    but old is gold hahaha

  13. funny but old yaar

  14. very very old try some thing new

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