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Delivery is free in PIZZA HUT

Ek sardarni ko labour pain ho raha tha,
sardarji uneh ‘PIZZA HUT’ le ja rahe tha .
Kisi ne pucha hospital kyo nahi jate,
to sardarji bole “oye u don’t know
delivery is free in PIZZA HUT.


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  1. very nice send more sexy pics and videos plsssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  2. free delivery having no progress without air passssssss……………g

  3. Sardars aren’t so ignorant yaar !

  4. Sardar Hemeshan assardar hundain han, ajmah ke dekh lao, sardar de bah paia jane ja rah pai jane.

  5. its really to bad there is nthng for fun

  6. not so good sms there are better sardar sms’s

  7. Good joke….. hahahaha

  8. sardars need much prayer if its true!…

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