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An old rich man marries a young girl.

An old rich man marries a young girl.
Interviewer ask to girl-
aap nay in main shadi ke liye kya dekha?
girl- ek to inki income, aur doosre inke din kam.


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  1. what is this and why

    i do not understand why old men like to marry a young girl

    i need a reason for that

  2. Of course, income i.e. monetary security and then perhaps experience in sex and process give more satisfaction.

  3. clever girl!!!

  4. young girl ke liye kya meim mar gaga tha???????????
    pl. use mujhse milvao.

  5. oh..oh…

  6. girl mmmmmmm ok.o men ka ?????ma——.

  7. sick message n sick gal !!
    making a fun of emotions !!

  8. pagal ladki she think she is smart but not

  9. it is an oppertunity

  10. hmmm!!!! they have the right to choose.

  11. bakbassssssssssssss…………………

  12. Every men at any age like young girls bcoz young girls are like fresh flowers and they want to have it.

  13. The girl is very clever one.. to see income and the rest his life is short then she can marry other..

  14. very good as a joke. but this should not happen


  16. Very good sharp girl

  17. Shayad uski koi majboori hogi… Par esa nahi karna chahiye…

  18. clever answer


  20. Its there are like.But Girl is lucky.B-cos Resonece have a lot.

  21. why do those girls hve to do that ,that is why today they hve become like instruments .shame ……………….
    never blame men for it.

  22. its reduecilous not a good one

  23. hello all…it is a joke just for laugh. dont postmartam it.
    sirf hasne ka….. :)

  24. old man’s neighbours will be lucky

    I HATE IT….

  26. well its happens now a days….why not for example many young girls like amitabh bacchan and feel he is sexy even though he is a grandpa………..even ready to have sex with him then why not this…………

  27. both having their own benefits

  28. The young girl can easily kill the desire and lust of an old man and there are dim chance of becoming pregnant

  29. they hv their own lives why u all did say this?let it n hv concentrate on ur own life ok happy

  30. good one and please fwd me the girls address.

  31. Dear friend
    Dont mix language,i didn’t understand

  32. I think Bharti is right

  33. i agree wid bharti dear………………….[:)]

  34. good one and please fwd me the girls address.

  35. acthed that girl most be fooling her self for marring an old man, it may becost of money, i am wishing her happy marred life with her new old man that she think is young.

  36. bakwas
    iss sai achay meri sight pe daikh loo

  37. R U all guys insane….jus take it as a joke …n enjoy n hv fun :)

  38. us ladki ki mujha bhi dila do pussy

  39. i think atleast we can digest that . what about those many girls doing worst things than animals.just cant imagine where r we heading towards .They say it tarrakki !!!!!

  40. Hamebhi ladkika email bejdo.


  41. Nasty and greedy

  42. the girl thinks all things can be buyed in this world with
    money! I feel sorry for her in further. she will be jeaulous with her own friends got married to guy of their age. she has to repay for it. or sacrifice her feelings and burry them in her heart.

  43. she is much impresed by her income, she is inteligent that after his death he can moved with other with money

  44. small correction on ashok’s comment IN CAPITAL

    she is much impresed by her ( HIS ) income, she is inteligent that after his death he ( SHE ) can moved with other with money

  45. Boring one

  46. True love is like an pillow ,u can hug when you are in trouble, you can cry when you are in pain &u can embrance when.

  47. girl ko hum dono nahi mile

  48. In practical it is not possible because girls are not fools to take such kind of decessions. so lets take it as a joke.

  49. money is not happiness
    money is not everything

  50. Vijay -Feb18th, 2009 at 11:34 pm
    hello all…it is a joke just for laugh. dont postmartam it.
    sirf hasne ka aurr kuch nahi

  51. sssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooooo boooooooooooooorng msg

  52. yes take it as a joke, do,nt postmartum it, all girls r not like this one

  53. oh realllyyy shahzad haha…..evry1 thnks kyk tht fr thr girfrnds tht only she is sincere n i hv fnd the rite prsn bt the truth is………………thr is no1 who likes the prsn himslf…no1 luks at the inner beauty evry1 luks at age,face,body and of course bank balance!!!!!!!

  54. to alishba knsi hai apki site kikhni bi to the!!!!

  55. bakwaas bilkul

  56. this is not a joke but reality in muslims. Those buddhey and tharki muslim used to force young girls to marry them to satisfy themselves.

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