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A pathan said to his friend

A pathan said to his friend:
“mujhy smajh nahi aati k log
maheena maheena kaisy nhi nahatay?
Mujhy to 28vein din kharish hona shuru ho jati hai”.


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  1. phatan r always ………!!!!!!!!

  2. Pathans are pathans but strange to hear that one pathan was “Anesthesian”in local Govt: hospital.

  3. Arey bhai aaj kal key pathan abb woh nahi rahey kia smart log hey abhi to.


  5. agree with Mahmood Khan….

    sikh ………

  6. Acha hua O sardar nai hai.

  7. i agreed with rais azad.. good job…keep it up dear..actually they all have learned these discrimations from their family..if parents teach the right thoughts and respect of natinalism then why they will do this.. inko samjhane ka ek tarika– remember–hindu ko muslim bolo, muslim ko isai, isai ko sikh aur sikh ko hindu.. please imagine everyone here…

  8. haan but the joke was really like joke.. not a bad one.. but a good one..send more….

  9. well jokes r jokes dnt make them personal if some one dares to read or listen then reply other wise dnt spread rubish little knowledge.we all r on the same path living the same life only what matters is the religion and standards which discriminates overselves…….! That leads us apart Pls be A part and live happily together & share with me, with a wonderfull message in reply to let me know that we are together. jeay world.(Imme)

  10. i dont think so its true , Pathans basically quite neat and clean nation only the problem is this they are very straight and bound with their local & cultural customs values that reason in general life they seems so simple and peoples address him in that way they are foolish,but remember one thing if they were your friend they will protect and care about you till their last drop of blood and last breath but if they were your enemy you cant stand in front of them, and the friendship and hostile relation they maintained without any cast ,nationality and religion.So choice is urs

  11. joke is very nice but not a fan

  12. aby yeh to acha hay k pathno ka mahena sheikhon ke terah 40 din ka nahi hota
    (but i dont mean to heard any one)(thees all for jock only)

  13. Isliye to kahta hun Ab paithan paithan nahi rahe ab to ye koyle ka khan ho gaye han

  14. Well Always think Positive

    don’t Target someone by Cast or Religion
    please convey Your Jokes but it should Present a Group or Cast or Nation.

    we all live together in the World Live on the Same Soil we drink the Same Water, Breath the Same Air if Allmighty Allah doesn’t make any difference then why we are making Separations

    Pathan, Punjabi, Hindu, Sikh or any other we are all one

    Please before Publishing a Joke or Comment REMEMBER u might Hurt some one’s Heart

    wound of Sword will Rinse out but wound of Word will always Remain

    if you want to be Respected then give Respect to Others

  15. jai ho to all…1 chhote se joke par itna kuchh bol diya….hats off to joke likhne wala..itne logo ka dhyaan attract kar liya…

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