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A pakistani man goes for fishing

A pakistani man goes for fishing, catches a big fish.
Comes home and askks his wife to cookthe fish.
Wife says she can’t as there is no gas, no electricity,
no atta(floor) and no cooking oil to fry it in.
Man goes and puts the fish back in the river.
Fish comes up to the surface and shouts
“Pakistan Zindabad”


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  1. wonderful

  2. GUD joke but very sorrt 4 pakistan’s current situation

  3. koee bewakuf Fish pokistan zindabad naee bolaga,because at present situation, may be the fish will say pokistan murdabad.

  4. pakistan murdabad tha hai aur rahega.. kayanat kahan se kahan chali gayee par tum sale quran se bahar nikalne ko kab tayar hoge..

  5. pakistan k baray mein jo bhi kaho lekin remember 1 thing hamaray “QURAN” baray mein kuch na kaho to acha hy !!!

  6. raam ne kaha shaam se aisa bhi aik din aiga
    jab india ki gand pharre ga pakistan or amerka dekhta reh jai ga.

  7. ziddi kia kehnay tumharay yaar

    ziddi zinda baad

  8. Fish shout, JEO MUSHARRAF

  9. jis ko apny baap ka pata nahi wo quran k mutalik kia jany ga

  10. hahahaha welll I would like to correct the one who posted above joke …. Fish bolti hai “Geo Zardari” yeah bc Pakistan kahan se beach mein agya …. lol ….. and you dumb and extermisit indian’s kuch samjh nai ata tu muslims ke pecha par jate ho yeah tu acha hai ke tum log ke ghar mein jo bacha hota us ka ilzam bhi hum pakistanio per nai dalte lol … Pakistan Zindabad ! ! ! !

  11. agree with Paki Munda Say any thing for any one but Never say any thing wrong about The ” Quran”other wise you will get ???????.

  12. My Dear, i can talk about Sita /Daropdi / Kali Mata and others,but this is not good to use this plate form to make someone muslim we don’t want listen any thing about QURAAN PAK or ISLAM.keep this forum for jokes or (mouj masti) be carefull for next time other wise we have something special for guys kindly close the topic.and forgive him.just for ALLAH.

  13. guys Dont Hurt yourself you might have never notice That was his name – it is not Pakistan the stupid is
    pokistam = pORK STAMP, so No need to reply as he dont deserve tO RESPONCE.

    Relegion Fights religiously based on knowladge , fact and Proves Any fight withoiut these are personnel and whith no directions.

  14. Pokistam KI MAA Ki Ch**tFebruary 28th, 2009 at 9:43 pm
    pakistan murdabad tha hai aur rahega.. kayanat kahan se kahan chali gayee par tum sale quran se bahar nikalne ko kab tayar hoge..



  16. yar bus b karo ! ! !

    hamay jokes par comments kehnay ko kaha gaya tha par hum personal things ko base bna rehay hain.

    na Pakistanio ko chaiye k wo Indian persons par critisize karen aur na Indian ko chaye k wo Pakistanio ko bura bhala kahen.

    me aap saro se apeal karun ga k Please ksi ko zati bunyad ka nishana na bnaya karen,

    darasal ap hi say aap ki country ko pehchana jayga so be careful about next.

    I hope k ap log meri baat ka bura nahe mnayegen ! ! !

    Thanks u All …………………?

  17. in reply to the msg sent by “Mr / Ms. Pokistam KI …..”
    it is with deep regret am writing this post, we feel really very sorry for him / her, but wht can he/she do, its not his/her mistake after all, narrow minded persons think and behave what is limited within their capacity. the best what we can do is to pray for that person, may ALLAH show him the right path. and bless his soul.

  18. Yup Agreed Mr khan it was streched more then it desreve. he never realized that Pakistan Ki Maa Bharath hi Hai.


  19. Pakistan is great city……….Bt the people of pakistan are not great

  20. yes Pakistan is the great country not city… and also My Pakistani Bhaies is too good..not likes your gangster bhai…we are proud to be as a Muslims and Pakistani…..and also dont bakwas about our Religan and country…..understand.


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