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A child after 3 month of marriage

A sardar had a child after 3 month of marriage.
He asked his wife ye 3 month k bad bacha kaise howa?

Wife replied:tumhari shadi ko kitna arsa hua?
sardar:3 months.

Wife: or meri shadi ko ?
Sardar: 3 months

Wife: or bacha kitne month k baad?
Sardar:3 month.

Wife: total kitne hue?
Sardar: oye 9 months & start dancing
Balle Balle;->


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  1. very good sardaji is so inocent

  2. oye paji tusi great ho……..

  3. sardar ladikiko ithna acha dimak

  4. how is it possible?

  5. the wife should not sardar, ha ha ha ha ha ha

  6. how it possible, i not belive:i need to see, then?

  7. v good yar…
    could u plz tell me “kya sardar sach mein itnay
    pagal bevkoof innocent” hotay hain???

  8. sardar tumhari maa aur bhain kea yaar hoota hai un kea sath 3–3 mahenea sonea kea baad tumharea sath 3 mahenea soota ho gaye 9 mahenea.

  9. hi isma how r u and what do u do jan

  10. height of innocence yaar… but its just a joke…
    keep sending n enjoying…

  11. ha ha ha kiya kiya kiya ???

  12. nice, sardar’s are really cute & innocent.

  13. Wife is just an amazing mathematician and logicist, unbelievable !! Finally convinced Sardaarji !! Keep it on..

  14. simply funny yaar………..

  15. In sardar family every thing is possible……
    it is not surprising matter in case of sardar’s….


  17. Sardar tum su ke maa chodta hai haram ke bachon…sardars r bumping ur mom’s pussies…

  18. sardar ne tumare maa chode thi to ek haram ka hindu paida hua tha…haram ke hinduon…

  19. gandu sardar hahahahahaha

  20. Its impossible

  21. Very nice joke but Manmeetji ko gossa ahya bahi be

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