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1980 girls: Maa mei Jeans pehanungi

1980 girls: Maa mei Jeans pehanungi
Maa : Nahin beti log kya kahengey ?
2006 girls: Maa mein mini skirt pehanungi
Maa: Pehen le beti kuch to pehan le!


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  1. haha 2009 may kya hu ga

  2. Now there are some chances to save textile industry, hopefully. thanx mums

  3. nice, ab to yeh purani baat hai ab to bina pehena bhi chaleta hai. so carry on baby……..

  4. disgussting any stupidity

  5. abt 2010 maa mei baahar ja rahahoon kapda !!!!!!!!
    uthar ke raka hoon…..ha ha ha ha…

  6. It’s too much, we should not talk like this.. We should always women in our society…

  7. It’s too much, we should not talk like this.. We should always respect women in our society…

  8. As a joke it is just OK, respect of our female in our society is must if you want a better moral society in future

  9. Jo bhi pahna do ajkal phate kapre bhi phaishan men hi ginti ho rahe hain

  10. Agar ye joke hai toh thik hai………………..wrna ek dum bakwas>>>>>>>>>>>>

  11. think for one time if ur daughter ot ur wifr or ur mother will go out side like ur thinking how it will look at what will be happen……….. then write ur comment

  12. huuh yes , it looks like a possible fact of future as Female things that reavealing thier bodies attaract the male.

    Yes males Do Attract Feminine body just in lust yet they prefer modest women for love,marrige or Friend ship.
    So NOW It depent on Females To be Atractive and to be lustfull Or To Be Modest and respectfull.

    Men Usaully Loves and cares About Women in Genaral.

  13. Plse translate in english.

  14. tum sub itny gour sy paherti hoo ye sub joke..tub shram hai atti………..

  15. simply stupid

  16. Well , we can have a healthy conversation dispite having diffrent school of thought and opinions, perhaps that may help people understanding better.


    ( Mr Raman This is the best drafting I could do Please bare with me)

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