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Pakistani Students

Prove that  2/10=2
Japanese student:
Wrong question.
Indian student:
No Way
American student:
It’s strange, how is it possible?
Pakistani student:
Two/ Ten =
wo / en
T se T cancel.

w= 23rd letter,
o= 15th letter,
e= 5th letter
n= 14th letter
=23+15 / 5+14
=38 / 19
Pakistani only asks what answer you want.

Dedicated to all Pakistani students:-)


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  1. u r wrong baby….
    for eg:
    a*b can be written as ab
    but never a+b can be writen as ab
    so ur msg is wrong
    na na nana….

  2. well Indians r the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    and i agree with Arjun …….as it is Pakistanis r always wrong
    AND when it comes to solve a problem INDIANS HAVE MORE POTENTIAL THEN PAKISTANIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. fuck.. that’s all bullshit anisha..!
    remember, there was a division of india long back. pakistan was part of it. so how come indians mentality will be more than pakistanis.?
    again telling. i am an INDIAN.
    but your thinking sounds retarded . c’mon leave that thinking for god’s sake.!
    @arjun. yaa.. you are right.

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