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If I were to be in your wallet, what will I be?

If I were to be in your wallet, what will I be? -ID -Money -Picture -Credit card -Coins -Calling card -Letter? ?Answer is given after your reply. Reply is must! ?Answer is as follows (send them in a 2nd SMS after you receive reply) ID=Important Money=Hate Picture=Best Friend Credit card=Family Coins=Crush Calling Card=Text mate Letter=Sum1 […]

IQ TEST For Genius

IQ TEST for a Genius.. Q1. Which alphabet is a question? Ans: Q2. Which alphabet is an insect? Ans: Q3. Which alphabet is a part of our body? Ans: Q4. Which alphabet is a tool? Ans: Q5. Which alphabet is a drink? Ans: Q6. Which alphabet is in geometry box? Ans: Q7. Which alphabet is […]

rewrite the words in correct order

Here comes the real test of your general knowledge. Rewrite the following words in correct order. 1- eomr  (a city) 2- roituad  (a pRofession) 3- orlyr  (a vehicle) 4- bumuccer (a vegetable) 5- beolmi  (something neaR you) 6- mneey (a countRy) 7- oflo (someone who fails 2 solve it) Note: Answers will be provided soon.

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