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Man made a call to the hospital

Man made a call to the hospital to inquire about his pregnant wife but by mistake call went to a cricket stadium. He asked, “Whats the condition?” & he fainted after what he heard, “7 are already out.. 3 more will be out hopefully by lunch. & The first was a duck..”

continue the sexy story

A boy made a date in an empty house. The girl was very sexy and warm. She was wearing dress of net, her body was looking from it. She has very attractive figure. She lay down on the bed and boy started. To continue the story please load 25 rupees.

calling circle continue

Boss to Secretary: for a week we’ll go abroad. She calls husband: for a week I & boss are going abroad. Husband calls Girlfriend: Wife going. Lets enjoy. Girlfriend calls her student: for a week you are free. Little boy calls grandpa: I am free. Grandpa(boss) calls Secretary: Tour Canceled. I am with my grandson […]

let the boss speak 1st

Once, Boss, Officer & Clerk going 4 a meeting. They saw a Jin. Jin said ”As i use to fullfil 3 wishes at a time. But u r 3 ppl so i will fullfil 1 wish for each”. Clerk atonce said ”Send me to America with a lot money” puff clerk disapper. Officer said ”Send […]

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