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They Remain with You

Relationships are like birds.
If you hold tightly they die.
If you hold loosely, they fly.
But if you hold with care,
they remain with you forever.

Deeper Than Your Knowledge

Understanding is deeper than knowledge.
There are many people who know you,
but there are very few who understand you.


Talk About Each Other

A lot of the problems
in the world would disappeaar
if we talk to each other
instead of about each other.

Lessons From Pencil

3 lessons to be learn from a pencil

Pain always sharpens you!
Everything you do leaves a mark!
What’s inside you is useful,
not what’s outside!

Everything Is Different

A great proverb which really makes you think…
“Day by day nothing changes,
when you look back,
everything is different”
that’s life….

Life Is Very Complicated

Life is very complicated,
don’t try to find answers
because when you find answers
Life changes the question.


Promise Means Everything

A promise means everything.
But once it is broken,
sorry means nothing.