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Each moment of ur life

Each moment of ur life is a picture which u had never seen before.
And which ull never see again so enjoy & live life & make each
moment beautiful….

In Time of Difficulities

In Time of Difficulities
Dont”t every say “GOD I have a big problem”
but instead”Hay problem I have a big GOD”


Do not feel ashamed

Do not feel ashamed if the amount of charity is small because to
refuse the needy is an act of greater shame.

Success is like

Success is like your own shadow,
if u try to catch then u wil never succeed,
ignore it and walk in ur own way…..
it wil follow u…

Be sweet as honey

if you ever want to succeed in your life:
“Be sweet as honey,
Be regular as clock,
Be fresh as rose,
Be soft as tissue,
and Be strong as rock.”

The word Trust

The word Trust is d basis of all relatioas but a small mistake
made, can change its entire meaning.
Like just a missing “T” can “RUST” d relation!


Sometimes its dumb

Sometimes its dumb to be wise and sometimes its wise to be dumb.
but more often than not, we are the opposite of what it is wise to be.