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Want A Girlfriend To Love

I want a girl that I can say
good morning and good night everyday.
Someone I can hug and say I love you.
Someone I can call my girlfriend and
introduced to my family.

Girlfriend Hug Love

Making Romantic Memories

We didn’t realize
we were making memories.
we just knew
we were having fun.

Making Romantic Memories


Following Romantic Dreams

Boy: Wait….!
Girl: Why are you always following me?
Boy: Because my parents told me
“Follow your dreams”

Feelings During Hug

During HUG…

A Girl’s Head is always D0wn…
She C0nsider her B0y t0 be her W0rld and get L0st in it…

A B0y’s Head is always Up…
s0 that n0 0ther Guy Dares t0 L0ok at his Girl…

Pull Down The Rainbow

If I could pull down the rainbow
I would write your name with it
and put it back in the sky to let
everybody know how colorful my life
is with a friend like you!!

I Remember Them All

Our 1st kiss,
those tight long hugs,
our late night conversations
I remember them all


Just Worry About Us

I like you,
you like me.
So stop worrying about them.
Just worry about us.