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Money is just a piece of paper

I met money 1 day I said:
U r just a piece of paper.

Money smiled & said,
ofcourse Im a piece of paper,
but I havn’t seen a dustbin in my life.

Strong Attitude

I asked for strength and
GOD gave me difficulties
to make me strong.

Strenght Strong


Never Hate Jealous People

Never hate people
who are jealous of you,
but respect their jealousy.
They’re people who think
that you’re better than them.

Jealous Hate People

Remember Why You Started

It’s not about perfect.
It’s about effort and when
you implement that effort
into your life, every single day,
that’s where transformation happens.
That’s how change occurs.
Keep going, Remember
why you started.

Effort To Change

Start Fitness Plan This Year

New Year New You
70% of people that
start fitness plan quit.
Except you.
Not this time.

Fitness Motivation Plan

People Will Hate You

People will hate you,
rate you, shake you,
and break you.
But how strong you stand
is what makes you
Good Morning

face the challenges of life and stay strong

face the challenges of life and stay strong


Keep 3 Words In Your Pocket

Keep 3 words in your pocket:
Try, True, Trust.
Try for better future,
True with your work,
Trust in yourself and
then success is yours

motivational sms to have a successful life.

motivational sms to have a successful life.