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Quite Perfect Person For You

If he makes you laugh.
Kisses your forehead.
Says he’s sorry.
makes an effort.
Holds your hand.
works hard .
attempts to understand you.
then, believe it or not,
he’s quite perfect.

Romantic SMS to find quite perfect person for you.

Romantic SMS to find quite perfect person for you.

Looking For Loving Partner

I thought I’d spend my life looking for someone new,
but then my life changed when I found you.
My heart sings, my eyes glow,
when I look at you, my blood flows.
I am happy that I am in love.

Happy Love Life SMS


The Night of Christmas Eve

On the night of Christmas Eve
You will be close to me.
I will kiss those sweet lips of grape
and then I will look at you and say,
I will follow you wherever you go.

Romantic Feelings of Christmas Night

Romantic Feelings of Christmas Night

Feelings of Loving Heart

Love is a soft feelings of heart beat.
It’s very hard to feel and when it feels
itss too hard to drop because
true love happens only once in life.

Loving You Is My Life

Missing you is my hobby,
caring for you is my job,
make you happy is my duty
and loving you is my life.

We Come To Love

We come to love not by
finding a perfect person,
but by learning to see
an imperfect person perfectly.


Don’t Want To Say Goodbye

Everywhere I go, there are memories
of you which turn into thoughts
that become tears I cry.
I miss you so much and
I don’t want to say goodbye.