Heartbreak SMS

Lost Someone Who Love You

I may have lost someone
who didn’t love me, but
you lost someone who
truly loved you.

lost someone who truly loves you.

lost someone who truly loves you.

Hurt Your Heart and Soul

When you love someone
truly love them, friend or lover,
you lay your heart open to them.
You give them a part of yourself
that you give to no one else,
and you let them inside a part
of you that only they can hurt
you literally hand them the razor
with a map of where to cut
deepest and most painfully on
your heart and soul.

– Sherrilyn Kenyon

true love can hurt your soul and heart.

true love can hurt your soul and heart.


Brave Enough To Say Goodbye

Go where you’re admired,
not where you’re tolerated.
If they don’t appreciate you,
it’s time to find people who do.
If you’re brave enough to say goodbye
life will reward you with a new hello.

Just Outgrow Certain People

Sometimes you just outgrow certain people.
Don’t try to fix or repair it,
just accept it and move on.

How You Repair Your Heart

No person has the right to condemn
you on how you repair your heart or
how long you choose to grieve,
because no one knows how much
you are hurting.
Recovering takes time and
everyone heals at his or her own pace.

I Was Hurt, You Smiled

I cared, you didn’t.
I cried, you laughed.
I was hurt, you smiled.
I moved on, you realized
what you had, too late.


Without Someone You Love

It’s painful to imagine yourself
without someone you love,
even if they’re doing you wrong.
Your heart can heal.
Your anguish cannot.