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The Celebration of EID Days

EID days are meant to celebrate
the goals and the achievements
that make you happiest.
The ideals you believe in,
the dream you love the best.
EID Mubarak

EID SMS 2014 Greetings Cards 16

Wishes On EID Ul Adha

On Eid-ul-Adha,
Wishing that your sacrifices are appreciated and
your prayers are answered by the almighty.
Have a blessed Eid-ul-Adha


The Loss On Studies

When a heart is dipped fully
or partially in love of someone,
then the loss on studies
is directly proportional to the
time spent in her memories.

You’re Doing It Wrong

Rule of Math
If it seems easy,
you’re doing it wrong.

Special Advice To CA Students

Special advice to CA students
A girl may not help you to get
lots of marks but marks mya
help you to get lot of girls.
So, love your studies not girls.

On Result Day

Relatives who don’t wish us on our birthdays,
have no right to contact us on our result day…!


Student Are Not Cheaters

Student Are Not Cheaters

Innocent Line written On T-shirt of A Student..
Student are not cheaters
we just really enjoy
having the same answers.. ;-) B-)