Girl n Boy SMS

Guys are like stars.
There are million of them
but only one can make
your dreams come true.

When a boy calls you hot,
they look at your body.

When a boy calls you pretty,
they look at your face.

When a boy calls you gorgeous,
they look at your clothes.

But when they call you beautiful;
they see everything.

I want a boyfriend who:
will text me good morning/good night.
will make me laugh
will take funny/cute pictures with me.
Respects me won’t lie to me
doesn’t flirt with other girls.

Boy: wanna hear a joke?
girl: of course!
boy: knock, knock!
girl: who’s there?
boy: marry.
girl: marry, who?
boy: marry, me

If a girl is silent, it’s dangerous.
They’re either:
about to blow up,
need a hug,
falling apart,
crying inside or
all of the above.

Boys are really attractive when they:
1. Play with chidren;
2. Accompany their moms happily;
3. Play guitar or another music instruments;
4. Sing a love song although they can’t sing;
5. Help others do something;
6. Bit their bottom lips;
7. Know how to treat women right;
8. Just be himself without their friends.

Pride attracts the girl.
Courage approaches the girl.
Wisdom gets the girl.
Strength puts up with the gir.
Loyalty keeps the girl.