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Smile is a curve

A smile is a curve that
sets everything straight
and wipes wrinkle away
hope u share a lots and
receive a lots 4 days 2 come

happy birthday …….

Originally posted 2008-08-15 21:10:09.

I was never tired of this life

I was never tired of this life
and it’s not gonna matter if
I fall down twice, coz I know each time I fall,
you won’t let me hit the ground.
Thanks for being around my friend.!

Originally posted 2008-08-15 21:08:32.

A memory lasts forever

A memory lasts forever,
and never does it die.
True friends stay together
and never say good bye.

Originally posted 2008-08-15 21:07:12.

Colors may fade

Colors may fade, the sun may not shine,
the moon may not be bright,
heartbeats may stop,
lives may pass but our friendship,
I’ll treasure ’till the day my heart stops.

Originally posted 2008-08-15 21:05:13.

What is a friend?

What is a friend?
He looks out for you,
inspires you,
laughs with you,
cries with you,
understands you,
guides you and walks with you.
That’s what a friend is.

Originally posted 2008-08-15 19:53:58.

Love means to see someone with closed eyes

Love means to see someone with closed eyes,

to miss someone in crowd,

to find someone in evry thought,

to live for someone but be sure that someone is only ONE.

Originally posted 2008-08-15 19:50:17.

If you love someone

If you love someone,
put their name in a circle,
instead of a heart,
because hearts can break,
but circles go on forever

Originally posted 2008-08-15 19:47:39.

I love you not, I need you

I love you not
I need you


I need you
I love you

Originally posted 2008-08-15 19:46:28.

Never ask 4 these, just do it

Never ask 4 a kiss, just take it.
Never give a hug, ask 4 it.
Never ask do u love me, first say I love u.
Never say I cant live without u, say I live for u.

Originally posted 2008-08-15 19:39:51.

Love begins with (today and yesterday)


Starts from eyes

Grows with gifts

End with tears

but 2day


starts from mobiles

Grows with balance share

Ends with number busy

Originally posted 2008-08-15 19:20:42.

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