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Guys Are Like Stars

Guys are like stars.
There are million of them
but only one can make
your dreams come true.

How Boy See A Girl

When a boy calls you hot,
they look at your body.

When a boy calls you pretty,
they look at your face.

When a boy calls you gorgeous,
they look at your clothes.

But when they call you beautiful;
they see everything.

Make Me Laugh

I want a boyfriend who:
will text me good morning/good night.
will make me laugh
will take funny/cute pictures with me.
Respects me won’t lie to me
doesn’t flirt with other girls.

Wanna Hear A Joke

Boy: wanna hear a joke?
girl: of course!
boy: knock, knock!
girl: who’s there?
boy: marry.
girl: marry, who?
boy: marry, me

If A Girl Is Silent

If a girl is silent, it’s dangerous.
They’re either:
about to blow up,
need a hug,
falling apart,
crying inside or
all of the above.

Boys Are Really Attractive

Boys are really attractive when they:
1. Play with chidren;
2. Accompany their moms happily;
3. Play guitar or another music instruments;
4. Sing a love song although they can’t sing;
5. Help others do something;
6. Bit their bottom lips;
7. Know how to treat women right;
8. Just be himself without their friends.

Loyalty Keeps The Girl

Pride attracts the girl.
Courage approaches the girl.
Wisdom gets the girl.
Strength puts up with the gir.
Loyalty keeps the girl.

A Girl Is Much More

A girl is much more than she seems.
She is not a toy.
Underneath that make up and hair.
There’s a sign that says
“handle with care”

A Girl Needs A Man

A girl needs a man
with real intentions
not a boy
who can’t pay attention.

How You Treat Her

A Girl can be your
best friend,
worst enemy,
a reall sweetheart
or a real bith.
It all dependes on
how you treat her.

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